How do I delete my account?

Send your account information to info@livemusicfinder.ca to request your account to be deleted. 

What is LMF and what does it do?

LMF is a free app designed to help fans discover live music events happening near them. It also serves as a platform for musicians, venues, and promoters to promote their live music events for free.

How does LMF work?

LMF is a centralized platform for live music events. Users can search for events based on their location, date, and preferred genre. Musicians, venues, and promoters can post their events on LMF for free.

Who can use LMF?

LMF is available for all music fans, as well as musicians, venues, and promoters to promote their live music events.

Is LMF only for fans or can musicians and venues use it as well?

LMF is for both fans and musicians, venues, and promoters. Fans can discover live music events, while musicians, venues, and promoters can promote their events for free.

What type of live music events are listed on LMF?

LMF lists a variety of live music events, including concerts, gigs, and festivals.

How do I search for events on LMF?

You can search for events on LMF by searching keywords, desired date, preferred genre and filtering your location radius. 

How can I promote my live music event on LMF?

Musicians, venues, and promoters can sign up for free and post their events on LMF. You can also advertise a dedicated banner image ad in the app to gain more visibility.

Is LMF available in my area?

LMF is available worldwide, with a growing number of events in various locations.

Is LMF a paid app?

LMF is a free app for both fans and musicians, venues, and promoters. However, the app does contain ads to cover operational costs. Users can purchase an ad free experience as well as banner ads to promote their events or businesses.

Are the events listed on LMF verified?

LMF does not review event postings, and it is up to the user to verify the information related to the events listed on the app before attending. LMF does not guarantee the accuracy of the information posted, and it is the user's responsibility to verify the information before attending an event.

why do some events not provide directions to the event?

LMF uses APIs to import some events into the app from third party sources. However, due to limitations of the APIs, directions to these imported events cannot be provided within the app for these types of events. Users must go to the venue or artist's website for directions to these events. If the event is posted within the LMF app by a user the directions will be available based on the address information that user submits during the event posting process.