LMF Story

James Buddy Rogers -  Live Music Finder

James Buddy Rogers, an esteemed and award-winning blues musician boasting a remarkable 35+ year career that has spanned North America and parts of Europe, has astutely crafted the Live Music Finder (LMF) app. This visionary creation serves as a conduit, uniting devoted music enthusiasts with talented artists. Drawing from his extensive experience touring, James empathetically recognizes the intricate challenges encountered by musicians, venues, and event promoters in the realm of event promotion.

LMF emerges as a pivotal solution, offering a singular, comprehensive platform for the discovery and dissemination of live music events. Its far-reaching impact extends to music aficionados yearning to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of live performances, while simultaneously providing musicians with an efficient avenue to showcase their talents and publicize their gigs.

A hallmark of this remarkable innovation is its accessibility; the LMF app is available to all users at no cost, thus democratizing the live music experience for individuals from all walks of life.

Live Music Finder, a free app thoughtfully designed to cater to both fans and musicians, empowers musicians, venues, and promoters by offering a platform to effortlessly promote their live music events at no expense. This accessibility makes it a breeze for fans to discover new and exciting shows and concerts within their vicinity. With the LMF app, enthusiasts can stay seamlessly informed about the latest live music events in their area, ensuring they never miss a beat. Furthermore, the app's user-friendly interface ensures straightforward navigation, making it effortlessly accessible for anyone to find and promote live music events.